Speaker Bio

Erich E. Michel


Erich E. Michel joined Hoosier Orchid Company as Laboratory Director in the Spring of 1991, after studying Biochemistry and Microbiology at Indiana University.  He has great interest in all aspects of the propagation of orchid species, and handles our laboratory programs, as well as having responsibility for the implementation of our research programs. 

His research has included Tetrazolium Red Stain testing for living tissue using oxidation; the determination of seed-coat thickness and consequential sterilization requirements; the germination of terrestrial orchid species from Europe, South Africa, Australia, and the United States; experimental hybridization using new subtribe combinations in the Catasetinae; media formulations in relation to growth rates; pollination mechanisms; phylogenic relationships; seed and pollen storage; and virus and its effect on plantlet growth. 

He and William Rhodehamel have published the most comprehensive and extensive listing ever compiled of green capsule harvest times for Orchid Species.  He was a speaker at three World Orchid Conferences, Rio, Vancouver, and Miami, on his specialty of Conservation and Micropropagation of Orchid Species.

Erich is an Accredited American Orchid Society Judge. In September of 2008 Erich formed his own Company, Michel Orchid Nursery, and purchased all the breeding stock in-vitro (sterile flask) from Hoosier Orchid Company. Michel Orchid Nursery now maintains one of the largest collections of artificially propagated Orchid species in the Country.



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